Biona Organic Tofu Ambient Long Life 360g (Pack of 6)

No added cane or beet sugar
This is ambient tofu
Highest quality,completely natural and suitable for vegetarians.

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Brothers Toffee Apple English Cider – 6 x 500ml

6 x 500ml Bottle’s
Alcohol by Volume : 4%
Gluten Free & Suitable for Vegans

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Clearspring Organic Ambient Tofu 300 g (Pack of 6)

A very versatile ingredient
Used in savoury as well as in sweet dishes
An easy and popular source of protein

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Clearspring Wholefoods Bio Kitchen Apple Sauce 360g

Naturally sweet and full of flavour
100% apple, unsweetened
Suitable for vegans

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Curious about Organic? Taster Case of 6 organic & sulphite free wines | Vegan Wine | Biodynamic Wine | Organic Wine | Sulphite Free | Allergen Free

healthier wines: certified organic, natural, no sulphites added, biodynamic and vegan wines
certified organic wine: 1 bottle of fruity and refreshing organic white wine Campo Flores made of Macabeo grapes in La Mancha, Spain
vegan wine: fresh Italian white wine that is coming from Piedmont; Valli Unite Ottavio Rube Bianco and its red friend Ottavio Rube Rosso made from Barbera

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Delirium Tremens Beer, 6 x 330 ml

It has a pale blond colour
The fine and regular effervesce ensures a fine and stable head
Slightly malty, a nice touch of alcohol, spicy scent

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Delirium Tremens Red Beer, 6 x 330 ml

It has a deep dark red colour
Light pink, compact and lacing head sight
Soft fruity aroma with hints of almond and mildly sour cherries

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Duchesse De Borgogne Flemish Red Ale, 6 x 330 ml

West-flemish red brown ale
It has notes of red wine and cherry as well as a dry ciderous depth
Brilliant with game and duck, but also hearty salads

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