1 Kg Bourbon-Vanilla Flavor Ice Powder VEGAN – NO SUGAR – LACTOSE-FREE – GLUTEN FREE – FAT, even for diabetics Milk Ice Cream Soft Ice Powder Gino Gelati ice cream powder

Manufacturer: Gino Gelati – Lestix International GmbH – Am Erbgericht 9 – 01844 Neustadt
Extremely economical and really delicious, 1 bag of ice-cream gives up to 6 liters of delicious soft or ice cream.
This high quality ice cream contains enough milk, so it is sufficient to dilute the ice powder with water.

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250g Organic True Cinnamon Powder (Ceylon) Sri Lanka by Stay Fresh Organics – Eco Friendly Pouch – Resealable – Certified by Soil Association

250g certified organic by the Soil Association GB-ORG-05. Certified to the highest organic standards
For better health, well-being and vitality; True Cinnamon (Ceylon) has many health benefits supported by an increasing amount of science. Delicate, complex, sweet flavour – with a fragrant aroma that will bring your senses (and cooking) to life
Grown the way nature intended on an organic farm in Sri Lanka – and then heat-sealed in an eco-friendly, foil lined, re-sealable pouch – to Stay Fresh for longer. Pouch made from renewable resources

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Agar Agar known as Faluda Powder is used by many as a Gelatine alternative and is a;so a natural thikner.
Obtained from different seeweed, it comes in a white colour powder which quickly dissolves in warm/hot water to make a colourless, odourless mixture. It’s because of these properties it does not leave any taste, aroma or colour and can be used for preparing home made jellies, milk based puddings. For Puddings just dissolve the Agar Agar in warm milk and allow to set
Grade A Agar Agar Powder, Suitable for vegetarian and vegans

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Agar Agar Powder (Vegan Gelatine) – 100g

Used in baking products and other items where gelatine is needed.
Suitable for Vegan/Vegetarians
Used in many products to make jellies, custards, marshmallows and much more.

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Agar Agar Powder (Vegan Gelatine) – 300g Premium

Used in baking products and other items where gelatine is needed
Suitable for Vegan/Vegetarians
Used in many products to make jellies, custards, marshmallows and much more

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Al Rabih Lebanese Falafal Mix 200g/7 oz – 2 Pack

Authentic Lebanese Falafel Mix is a mix of grinded fava beans, chick peas, herbs & spices.
Falafel is one of the most popular vegetarian foods in the Middle East.
A simple yet delicious food that can be enjoyed as a snack or part of a main meal.

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AUSHA Premium Organic Moringa Powder – 200g (Vegan,Alkaline,Detox,Cleanse,Source of Iron,Calcium,Magnesium,High in Minerals & Vitamins,High in Anti Oxidants)

Moringa is called the “Miracle Tree”Moringa powder is made from hygienically drying/processing of Organically grown Moringa tree leaves at a low temperature.100% Organic Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder Certified by Soil Association & Vegan Society Certified.Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians, 100% Pure & Natural, 100% Organic, Non-GMO, No Gluten.Moringa leaves are carefully grinded and processed, leaving a completely vegetarian, power packed and pure supplement to boost your health regime.
AUSHA also sell Organic Moringa tea varieties 50 tea bags in Amazon for you to reap the health benifits of Moringa.Organic Moringa Powder a super food is a good source of minerals like Calcium,Iron,Potassium,Magnesium.Regular use of Moringa powder may help in balancing the blood sugar levels in the body.Packed in a 100% recyclable resealable pouch at source to retain the freshness of the product.Product of INDIA
Ausha’s Organic Moringa Leaf Powder is in rich in nutrients and antioxidants which helps in boosting overall immune system of body. Moringa leaves are carefully grind and processed, leaving a completely vegetarian, power packed and pure supplement to boost your health regime.Use Moringa powder in Juices,Smoothies,Yogurts,Hot water to reap the amazing health benefits.

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Better Than Bouillon, Vegetarian, No Chicken Base, 8 oz (227 g)

Use basic stock for soups, sauces and gravies, or to cook vegetables, rice or pasta with more flavor. For best results, refrigerate after opening.

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Blue Dragon Panko Breadcrumbs Mix, 120g

Light, flaky Japanese breadcrumbs with an airy, crunchy texture
Popular in Japanese cuisine and are used to coat prawns, fish or meats before deep frying
A delicious crunchy texture

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Classikool Agar Agar Powder: Quality Vegan Gelatine for Jelly & Sweets [Free UK Post]

Professional quality Agar Agar Powder for baking and sweet making, brought to you by Classikool.
Agar Agar is a natural, algae-based vegetarian & vegan alternative to gelatine.
It is very popular world wide for a huge range of sweet treats.

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Coconut Merchant Raw Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 1000ml

•ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN: There’s only one ingredient that goes into our oil: 100% natural, raw, unrefined, cold pressed Ceylon coconut oil. This mean that our oil is preservative free, gluten free and vegan friendly.
•USES: – Perfect for frying, baking or cooking, coconut oil can add a whole new dimension to sweet or savoury meals alike. As if this wasn’t enough, coconut oil can also be used for natural beauty care or even pet care, just showing that this little pot is packed with endless possibilities. Just a little touch is great for moisturising your skin and hair, and it can even serve as a natural make up remover too!
•NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: Rich in medium chain fatty acids (MCT) for weight control and an increase in energy. High LAURIC ACID content. No sugar, Zero Carbohydrates and GMO-free.

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Deva Vegan Virgin Coconut Oil, 90 Vegetarian Capsules

Coconut Oil is a very popular oil commonly used in dietary supplements, cosmetics and for cooking.
Package Description: 90 Vegetarian Capsules
Serving Size: 1 Capsule

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