Face Mask Brush


Nylon bristles, not animal hairs!



A Bamboo Face Mask Brush for that Perfect Application

Used in many leading Spa’s these long-handled brushes are perfect for ensuring an even coverage across the face while keeping your hands clean. The eco friendly handles are made from bamboo, a tree which grow incredibly quickly and which requires very little water and few or no pesticides or fertiliser.

Nylon Bristles
Registered by the Vegan Society, guaranteeing that they are cruelty-free, these brushes are made of nylon making them suitable for vegans. As well as face mask brushes they can also be used to apply liquid or cream makeup, or when you need to apply a light covering of powder makeup.  Other advantages in using nylon bristles include;
  • They won’t absorb any product making them easier to clean, more hygienic and more economical.
  • The ability of synthetic bristles to stick together makes them ideal for precision application when applying masks or liquid foundation around the nose.
  • Nylon bristle brushes are suitable for all skins including sensitive ones.

Length approx 18cm. Brush width approx 3.5cm.


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